Electromagnetic Interactions with Nucleons and Nuclei: EuroConference on Hadron Structure Viewed with Electromagnetic Probes

European Science Foundation (ESF)

International, 7-12 October 2003


Successful Together Santorini 2003

AVNET electronics

International, 1-5 October 2003



University of Athens

International, 22-25 September 2003


The South Aegean Active Volcanic Arc: Present Knowledge and Future Perspectives

Milos Conferences

International, 17-20 September 2003


International Topical Conference on Plasma Physics : Complex Plasmas in the New Millennium (ITCPP 2003)

Ruhr-University Bochum

International, 8-12 September 2003


3rd International Conference on New Horizons in Industry and Education

Technological Educational Institute of Crete

International, 28-29 August 2003


Controversies in Gamma-Ray Bursts

University of Amsterdam

International, 25-27 August 2003


8th International Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases

Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, Patras

International, 24 - 27 July 2003


E.U. Political and Security Committee's Meeting

Greek Ministry for Foreign Affairs - Greek Presidency of the E.U.

International, 21 - 25 June 2003


Ampelos 2003 - International Conference on Grapevine

Heliotopos Conferences, www.santorini.net

International, 5-7 June 2003


Low x Workshop

University of Athens, CEA Saclay

International, 4-7 June 2003


Tales of the disappearing computer 2003

Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, Patras

International, 1-4 June 2003


RES for Islands, Tourism & Water Desalination

European Renewable Energy Council, International Scientific Council for Island Development & RENES- National Technical University of Athens

International, 26-28 May 2003


11th International Symposium on Deformation Measurements

University of Patras, FIG - Commission 6 & University of New Brunswick

International, 25-28 May 2003


Sustainable Development Indicators in the Mineral Industries - SDIMI 2003

Milos Conferences

International, 21-23 May 2003


14th Annual General Meeting Society of Mining Professors

The Society of Mining Professors

International, 18-21 May 2003





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