Rosemary Barron’s Cooking Class II

Rosemary Barron / Estia Food and Wine Seminars

Santorini, 30 September - 6 October 2002


Chinese journalists Santorini Tour

Ministry of Press and Mass Media

Santorini, 15 September 2002


Maritime Transport and Communications in the Mediterranean:

From Paleolithic Age to Early Roman Times

Milos Conferences

Milos, 12-15 September 2002


Windat Meeting

University of Athens

Athens, 12-13 September 2002


International Workshop on the Possibilities of Geothermal Energy Development in the Aegean Islands - GEOTHERM 2002

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Milos, 5-7 September 2002


Atreus Kick-off Meeting

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Athens, 2-3 September 2002


IVSA 2002 International Conference

Panteion University of Political & Social Sciences

Santorini, 13-18 July 2002


BBC Filming “Moses and the Exodus”, Part II

British Broadcast Corporation (BBC)

Santorini, 8-10 July 2002


Cherry Tomato Santorini International Conference

www.santorini.net & Heliotopos Conferences

Santorini, 27-29 June 2002


BBC Filming “Moses”, Part I

British Broadcast Corporation (BBC)

Santorini, 17-19 June 2002


Magnetic Coupling of the Solar Atmosphere

National Observatory of Athens

Santorini, 11-15 June 2002


SWIFT - Switchable Facade Meeting

University of Athens

Santorini, 3-4 June 2002



Medical Research Center,UK

Santorini, 29 May - 2 June 2002


Rosemary Barron’s Cooking Class I

Rosemary Barron / Tasting Places

Santorini, 19-26 May 2002


Enerbuild - Research on Solar Thermal Techniques for Buildings

University of Athens

Athens, 29 April 2002


Euro PVM/MPI 2002

University of Athens

Santorini, 17-20 April 2002


Meeting on the Enper-Tebuc Project

University of Athens

Athens, 7-8 March 2002


Energy Performance Regulations for Buildings in the European Countries

University of Athens

Athens, 6 March 2002


The Perspectives of the Air transport in Greece

"XENIA" Exhibitional Activities

Athens, 25-26 January 2002

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