The aim of this 3rd Conference is to provide a forum for the world's leading scientific and technical communities to interact and address the main issues and the key challenges related to all aspects of resources and hazardous waste management in the beginning of the 21st century in order to improve industry's sustainability, reduce its environmental and health impacts in substantial and measurable terms, enhance resource recovery efficiency and reduce consumption of resources.




- Hazardous Wastes (Regulations, Registration, Characterization, Toxicity,

  Minimization, Recycling, Treatment, Management and Disposal)

- Waste Valorisation to Materials and Energy

- Geotechnical aspects of solid wastes, dams and waste dumps

- Environmental geochemistry of wastes

- Treatment of Liquid and Gaseous Effluents

- Contaminant Release and Transport

- Acid rock drainage

- New developments on permeable reactive barriers technology and modeling

- Remediation of contaminated sites

- Mine - quarry reclamation / revegetation

- Mine closure practices - Advanced modelling techniques in geotechnical and

  geo-environmental engineering

- Life cycle – risk assessment in industrial and waste disposal sites

- Health and safety impact assessment

- New approaches / prospects in the industrial sector towards sustainability

- Environmental biotechnology and forensics

- Industrial Minerals – New uses / technologies

- Modern mining and tunnelling technologies

- New materials, nano-materials

- Ornamental stones

- Recent developments in pyro-, hydro-, bio-hydrometallurgy

- Engineering geology applications - Energy Resources

- Advanced monitoring techniques (remote sensing, decision support and

  alerting techniques)

- Hazard detection and control

- CO2 Sequestration

- Preservation of industrial heritage


Towards sustainable development: Assessing the footprint of resource utilization and hazardous waste management

7 - 9 September 2009, Athens, Greece

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