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Amireg 2006 Proceedings

The 1st International Conference "Advances in Mineral Resources Management and Environmental Geotechnology" was held in Hania, Crete, Greece, 7-9 June 2004. The first conference attracted 200 attendees from more than 30 countries and 127 high quality papers were presented.


The Book of Proceedings of AMIREG 2004 is available here



The aim of this 2nd Conference was to provide a forum for the world's leading scientific and technical communities to interact and address the main issues and the key challenges related to all aspects of mining, minerals and metallurgical industry in the beginning of the 21st century in order to improve industry's sustainability, reduce its environmental and health impacts in substantial and measurable terms, enhance resource recovery efficiency and reduce consumption of resources. Focus will be on sustainability of mining, mineral and metallurgical processes, strategic development, preservation and efficient use of resources, clean technologies, life cycle assessment, risk analysis, hazard detection and control, environmental and health consequences and liability, waste management through treatment and recycling, socio-economic impacts and preservation of industrial heritage, advanced modelling (geostatistical analysis, computer simulation and virtual reality applications), monitoring (sensing, remote sensing, positioning, decision support and alerting techniques), projection techniques (multi-criteria analysis), geotechnical issues, geoenvironmental engineering, dam and embankment design and case studies.


The Book of Proceedings of this year Conference AMIREG 2006 is available here



Operating companies, Government agencies involved in planning and regulating mining operations, the environmental community, the investment community, research and development organizations, academic institutions and mining associations.



The official language of the Conference was English.

119 full papers, from 34 countries, have been published in the book of proceedings of the AMIREG 2006 International Conference.

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